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    The DVP eXpress system, launched by PowerScan, is a high-performance large-scale cargo/vehicle inspection system for 100% scanning and ideal for screening vehicles, sea containers and other cargoes to detect terrorist threats and other contrabands at seap

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    PowerScan firstly launched the eXpress Passage Security Solution seamlessly integrated with the current workflow including electronic customs declaration system and risk management system to enhance vehicle throughput as well as work efficiency.

  • Innovative Technologies

    Ultra-low Dosage

    With prompt, innovative and cost-effective R&D solutions, PowerScan has successfully developed an excellent environmental-friendly DVP eXpress Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System adopting an ultra-low dose compact Electron Accelerator as its X-ray source featuring low radiation dose and low potential radiation risk.

    Smart-Scan Imaging

    PowerScan has successfully launched the innovative Smart-Scan Imaging technology for large-scale cargo/vehicle inspection systems. With unique perspective imaging technologies, the DVP eXpress system provides a high-performance radiological imaging method and device to obtain crystal scanning images promptly for passing vehicles.

    Intelligent Recognition

    Based on artificial intelligence and pattern recognition theory, the latest intelligent recognition engine with advanced image processing algorithms can automatically identify and locate those items and objects concerned by the operators. Through the intelligent recognition function, those concerned information can be extracted from the massive data automatically, which is obviously helpful to improve the work efficiency of image inspectors. Moreover, the result of intelligent recognition can serve as the judgment base of automatic alarm and significantly reduce the risk of human error.

    eXpress Inspection

    With up-to-date security technologies, the DVP eXpress Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System acquires the ability of locating the cargo part of scanned vehicle and executing the X-ray screening automatically. The system can fully meet the requirements of 100% scanning by means of high speed non-stop vehicle inspection.

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    PowerScan Company Limited strives to provide our customers with products of most high quality and superior service in pursuit of excellence. Meanwhile, superior customer service provides strong support to the rapid development and continuous business grow

    Training & Support

    PowerScan Company Limited is dedicated to provide all the clients and business partners with high quality training service and technical support consistently. PowerScan has established a rational echelon of professional engineers and senior trainers in or

  • Strategic Cooperation

    Strategic Cooperation

    PowerScan Company Limited makes strong strategic partnerships with an increasing number of world leading enterprises and research institutions, such as Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp (CASIC) and etc., in pu

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    PowerScan Company Limited, a corporation based in Beijing, is one of the world's leading integrated companies offering state-of-the-art imaging technologies and providing innovative security solutions and services.

    Market Reference

    PowerScan provides our clients, such as customs, immigration, quarantine, aviation, railway and etc., with tailored security products and solutions to detect hidden threats and other contrabands at seaports, border crossings, airports and security checkpo

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